materials management

We provide a broad range of materials management programs for our customers whether they choose full-turnkey, quasi-turnkey, or consignment program. Each program can also be tailored to meet a customer's specific needs.

At Electromax, we assign dedicated purchasing staff as an integral part of the project team for each customer to ensure material availability, on-time delivery, and the right material in right quantity.

Our Supplier Quality Management Program (SQMP) measures and monitors the performance of all our suppliers to ensure their consistent and acceptable quality, while we maintain effective communications and good relationships with our supply chain partners.

The following are the most common programs that our customers select:

  • Full-turnkey manufacturing with supply chain materials management
  • Virtual manufacturing with a selected material distributor as a strategic turnkey partner, which serves as a single point supply chain to customers.
  • Quasi-turnkey manufacturing (Customer specific)
  • Consigned manufacturing with shortage tracking systems
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